cppmudd – The C++ MUD Driver

Ok, This is a temporary web page to hold down this URL until I get around to creating a decent one. cppmudd is currently undergoing what is best described as “frantic” development – A release of the source code will be up as soon as I get set up properly here on SourceForge with the File release system. At the moment, there's not much you can do with the code towards the end of creating a large MUD unless you want to spend days implementing the unfinished bits of the libraries – however, some parts of the code are as mature as they're going to get, for example, rooms and the routines for extracting information from them, etc. It is possible to write simple exploration games at the moment – the size [of a game] doesn't matter that much unless your RAM is limited ;) See the Todo section for a list of features, both implemented and pending. Of course there's no point writing a MUD driver without a good MUD to run on it – please feel free to email me with suggestions / designs for a “flagship” MUD.




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